The Archer

I keep a day job just like many other bloggers and product reviewers. I am in front of one or two computers for 10 hours a day at work, while I do any of these: design publications, maintain an electronic subscription database with over a million subscribers, write updates, and run after errant office equipment.

In between all these, I take breaks. That's when I blog, or I practice calligraphy, read, or browse over my growing collection of stuff and things.

I love to write, do calligraphy, read, collect, and walk. These keep the Archer's Blog colorful.

I am an amateur fountain pen user and collector, notebook and paper enthusiast, fountain pen ink fanatic, and a huge hoarder of a lot of unnecessary mundane stuff. Then again, I got a big house with big cabinets. Lately, I've been infected with the vintage watch collecting bug. Drills a huge hole in my wallet and leaves my budget in a complete mess. It's a good thing my country offers a gazillion variations of cup noodles. When the budget runs out, it's noodles time! 

I am also a newbie in the surreal cloud of Haruki Murakami and into the wonderful and colorful world of Tomica toys and Starbucks City and Collector mug series. See? I'm a hoarder!
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