Friday, August 25, 2006

My Musical Cravings

Yes. Yep. Yup. I have musical cravings just like anyone else. Right now, I’m craving for Christmas carols, especially those from Diana Krall’s Christmas Songs album. Oh, how I wish I could get a copy of that album. What a craving, eh?

For now, I'm listening to Il Divo's The Christmas Collection, courtesy of Inez, and to the Burns Sisters' album Tradition, courtesy of Tita Fely. How's that? I am planning to go on a Christmas songs shopping spree come September. It's not a secret to my family and friends that I kept a weird dislike for that particular season of the year. I can't explain it, but for so long, i almost hated the Christmas season. Then again, we all grow old, we all grow up.

It's about time I stop being a
Christmas Grinch.

It's about time I enjoy Christmas and everything that goes with it: gifts, festivities, family gatherings, time away from work, and lastly, FOOD!!!

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