Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Short Recap

I understand that my previous entry (A Night with Robert and Francesca) seemed a bit awkward given the time gap from the previous entry of September 2006. And well, yes, a lot has happened since Christine gave me a copy of that Dilbert book. As a recap, I’m writing notes (on a monthly basis) of whatever I could still remember to sort of update things.

September. Inez, one of my two office roommates and a very good friend, resigned and left by end of the month. Participated in one international workshop.

October. Biboy, the other of my two office roommates left, too, to take his career into a different level. But before that, he got married first. Haha. An ISAAA Brief due for formatting arrived middle of the month, and THE Global Status Brief came in before the month ended, which meant I did not have a proper Halloween last year. While people are attending parties wearing weird costumes, I was laboring over the two publications. Also had to prepare for NaNoWriMo 2006. Research, research, research…

November. A lot happened during November, I guess. Early on, I tried joining fellow novel writers from all over the world in NaNoWriMo 2006, but due to the back-breaking activities at the office, I did not make it to the 50k words-mark. Again. Thankfully, I got on a new hobby, which is shot glass collecting. Whew! Too addictive. Finished the two ISAAA Briefs, helped prepare for two workshops in December, one international, the other, local. And oh, I almost forgot, I turned 33 this month. Got several gifts from friends: a shirt that says “I Only Have Eyes for You. And You. And You. And You.” (hahaha!!!); four shot glasses from Chel; lip products from Ann. But the best gift is from my 6-year old niece, Laicka. It’s a small bottle of branded perfume, but it’s not the brand that made me so happy, but the idea that she wrapped the gift herself and wrote me a short, but sweet happy birthday note.

December. A never-ending odyssey to finishing THE GS Brief. While two workshops went on, we corrected, corrected, corrected, printed, corrected, corrected, corrected, and re-printed the GS Brief. Celebrated Christmas with family. But had to work the day after. Waaahhh!!! Just when everybody’s still partying, bingeing, or simply resting, I had to travel to Manila to send a sample copy of the GS Brief to Clive and Marga. I’m not complaining, though. It is a part of my job, and even if I stayed with my family to party, binge, or rest, I will not feel comfortable knowing that a job was left unfinished. My only regret is the fact that I lost the opportunity to spend some quality, A-1 time with my family. Oh, and I’m writing again. Beginning this month, I’m writing short articles again.

That’s about it, I guess. I might have left out a lot of things because I’ve forgotten about them already. But it’s a good recap.

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