Thursday, March 8, 2007

Double Whammy

Double Whammy - A double blow or setback.
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Here's my Double Whammy.

Among the dozen pairs of footwear stored in my closet, I have chosen, through time, two favorites. One is very dependable, very durable, very flexible. The other is very fancy, very eye-catching, very ultra-modern.

Truly, the contrast between the two is quite enormous and to compare them would be an injustice.

The first pair is indeed very expensive. Made of expensive patent leather, it has stood the tests of time and the rigors of life. Rain or shine, the pair has been my constant favorite. Its durability and flexibility is extraordinary. The shoes could be worn with any pair of jeans: denims, curdoroys, soft slacks, name it. And this pair have been with me for almost half my life! Beat that. It has accompanied me through most of my life. Gone through travels with me, walked with me to faraway places, saw me cry when I was down and beaten, heard me laugh when I am in high spirits. I have always felt confident whenever I wore them.

Last month, however, I noticed scratches on the old, brown leather. Battered through time, the leather began to crack up. I tried to mend them using expensive cleaning materials and adhesives, but to no avail. Last week, I wore them to work again when an asthma attack occurred. And while I was having a nebulization at the emergency room of LBDH, i saw the scratches became gaping tears that can never be mended again. Sadness.

Whammy No. 1: Leather Shoes laid to rest.

The second pair, or, to call it, the "other" pair, came to my fancy only very recently. It is a pair of high-cut red canvass-type sneakers that I have always dreamed of owning since I was a child. And since its sole is rubber, I expected it to be more durable and comfortable than the pair of leather shoes, but alas, I was in for more surprise. They were not.

Two Saturdays ago, as I was trying to wash off the grime and dirt off them, I discovered a hole on the heel part of the left pair. I was very disappointed. So much for brand names and expectations, I guess. So much for show. The red pair is like a hen cackling noisily after laying an egg, so noisy that you'd think she'd laid an asteroid.

Well, I could get a pair of red canvass sneakers again, but after investing on the first, I guess I will have to refrain from buying "sneaks" in the meantime and save up for another pair of patent leather shoes.

Whammy No. 2: Red Canvass Sneakers laid to rest.

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