Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Give Up

(This entry is a repost from my Friendster Blog. Just edited and updated it a bit.)

... how do you say you're giving up the fight?
... how do you accept that the fight is over?
... how do you face defeat?

Yes, I gave up the fight. I just gave it up. But no, i am not going to admit defeat. I gave up the fight because it was not a good fight. I gave up the fight because it was not meant to be.

Yes, I gave up the fight, but I am not a coward. I gave it up not because of fear, or weakness either. I gave up the fight because I chose to give it up. I gave up the fight while I still had some strength left in me to give it up.

I remember a learning experience I share with my seven-year-old niece. She was only six at that time, and new to school. One Sunday afternoon, she started complaining about a classmate who kept pulling and tugging at her ponytails. Typically, my brothers told her to just do the same, to pull at her classmate's ponytails, too. I watched her in amusement as I waited for her childlike reply. I must say that I was expecting her to concede, but alas, I was in for a surprise. She smiled, and proudly said that she can do that, why not, but then it would lead to a nasty fight, and only stupid people do that. Hah. The wisdom of a six-year-old.

So, am I guilty of cowardice when I gave up the fight? I'd say NO. I just took after my niece. I just learned from her six-year-old wisdom.

I just learned the importance of choosing my own battles.

I gave up the fight but I did not give in.

Nunca daré adentro.

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