Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Recap Before Bringing in the Colors

In late March, I purchased my first home appliance. It's a silver Sanyo Star Emerald refrigerator. Great. Not that I don’t have anything else in the apartment, but the other appliances I have are previous purchases while I was living elsewhere. Now that I have my own place, I am slowly starting to buy stuff to make my apartment a home sweet home. Need new curtains, though. Also need a sofa, or a simple, un-upholstered, plain, solid plank of wood as a bench. I also need a decent dining table and a divider for the other room in my apartment which I plan to use as a store area and a work station. Lastly, I also need bookshelves and a display case for my collection of elephants and shotglasses.

As for the earlier part of April, I’m glad to say that I am now finished with my past backlog at the office: survey reports, booklet formats, publication revisions and most recently, I contributed a short article for the weekly which I plan to do on a regular basis. The sheer joy of seeing my written work published is pure joy.

On the 13th, which fell on a Friday, Lily and I celebrated (though we’re continents apart) our 11th anniversary. Hurrah!!! Here’s to us, Tart (*imaginary glass raised for a toast*)! The funny side to our anniversary is the fact that we practically celebrated the event for almost three days. Ahehe. But only because of the time difference between the RP and the US of A.

In the middle of the month, the office rewarded us with an all-expense-paid-for weekend trip to Boracay. Sadly though, on our last day there, I had viral infection that made me weak as a rotten piece of vegetable. I woke up Sunday morning with extremely painful stomach cramps, I was sweating profusely even with the full blast AC, I had a slight fever and—did I mention already—I felt so weak. And so my relief was indescribable when our plane touched down at the Domestic Airport because that meant home—and peace and plenty of rest and lots of sleep.

Then again, the ordeal wasn’t over—yet. Monday welcomed me with skin rashes and something more painful—menstrual cramps. I was beyond consciousness by the end of the day that it is now a wonder how I was able to go home. Tuesday had me crawling towards my GP’s clinic by lunchtime. My hacking cough that morning was enough to send me to my doctor. A combination of menstrual cramps and asthma attack is not something I welcome in this prickling summer heat. And so I was put on a regimen of antibiotics, anti-asthma, anti-allergies, aspirin and high-doses of ascorbic acid for five days. Good God.

And just last week, while barely getting by, I got a text message from Rheea Hermoso-Prudente asking me if I am interested to write an article for the June issue of Masigasig magazine. Rheea said Inez referred me to her. Wow. Almost done with the article now, along with the photo shoot with Sheri Juan.

And that’s my roller-coaster April.


  1. hi clem! i finally found you in the blogosphere! i'm adding you to my must-reads :)

  2. hi aloi! thanks for adding me!!! good to know we're still in touch.