Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Laugh with Me Now!

Due to the hilarity of a recent experience, I have to write parts of this entry in Filipino to be able to relate it in its original funny, amusing, and somewhat uproarious state. Have a hoot!

It’s a sad fact that tap water in my apartment is down to nil at times, especially in the morning. So last Saturday, while suffering from painful menstrual cramps, I decided to stay indoors and just laze and bum around. I did a few housekeeping in between dozes, though. But when precious H-2-O came around by lunchtime, I decided to call a friend and invite her to meet me so we can go walk around Robinson’s. We met around 3pm, and off we went to the cool, air-conditioned Robinson’s. Somehow, something funny happened on our jeepney ride to the mall. It’s only a small thing, but I find it very, very funny.

Me: (Yawning) Ang sarap sana kumain ng turon or banana-q, ano? (Roughly: I’m craving for turon or banana-q.)

Friend: Kahapon sabi mo ang craving mo tinola. Ngayon naman, turon at banana-q. Ano ba yan, Clemencia, ha? (You were craving for tinola yesterday and now you want to eat turon and banana-q. What is happening to you, Clemencia?)

Me: (In mega-taray pose.) E bakit ba? E sa naglilihi ako e! (What’s wrong with that? I’m conceiving!)

Hahaha!!! The moment I said that, all passengers turned to stare at me (as if their heads moved in a synchronized motion towards me). And their stares looked as if I’m some kind of an alien or something. Hahaha!!! It could be that they thought I am truly conceiving, or maybe they were thinking I'm hallucinating. Ahahahaha!!!

And so my friend and I couldn’t help but laugh. And we laughed so hard. God, I didn’t know I haven’t laughed in a long time. But it was a chest-wrenching, breath-cutting laugh for both us!

Ah, another one for the books. Hahaha!!!

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