Friday, June 8, 2007

Some Updates on the Domestic Front

I have finally got my apartment windows new sheets of curtain. Thanks to my mother for going with me to Panching's in San Pablo to buy the cloth and for asking her friend to sew it for me.

I never knew it was that easy to have curtain sheets sewn. I was even surprised to know that choosing the cloth for your own curtains is actually fun! Although the argument about the blue top accent was not fun at all. My mother wanted me to choose a 'happier' color like pink, or yellow, or orange. But I was firm. Sorry, Ma. I want BLUE. Period.

I just love the way the sunlight going through the windows seem to illuminate the whole room because of the curtains' color and texture. Don't you? I took this photo yesterday morning as soon as the sun shone a little brighter so I can capture the 'brightness' through the sheer.

Now I can return the curtains I borrowed from my mother. Ehehe.


The bench I had custom-made for me by a local furniture maker in Calauan has been delivered yesterday...

It feels so good to sit, lie down, or to simply stare lovingly at this bench. I love the fact that it is made of tangile wood, which according to my father is next to narra in quality. I am thinking of adding a thin cushion to it, covered in cheesecloth, and also decorate it with small and medium pillows in ecru and blue. Hay. Sarap ng feeling. In the first photo above, I placed one of my two Batibot stools next to the bench. The stools are my fist furniture purchase way back in 2005. I bought the two for a thousand pesos only. It's a bargain! Now they are classic pieces that my mother wants to steal. Hahaha!!!

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