Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My 48th

This is my 48th shotglass and it's cool that it's from a local alcohol advertising campaign. I consider it a treasure because it's a gift from someone I least expected to be giving me a gift after all we've been through.

My shotglass collection has surprisingly grown in the past several months, and I have created a gallery at Photobucket.com to make public viewing a bit easier. It also makes it possible for me to view them from time to time, rather than open the huge box where I keep them. I do not have a display case yet (and I'm saving up for at least one), so I am keeping them in a huge carton with each shotglass carefully wrapped in white paper.

Last weekend, I added six more shotglasses to my collection through an eBay purchase. It was actually a bargain because I got all six of them for only 190 Philippine pesoses. Wow. I got a Vancouver, B.C. shotglass, a Niagara Falls shotglass, a souvenir shotglass from the 1986 World Expo in Vancouver, two from the UK showing St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London, and an advertising shotglass from Hong Kong. All of them below. And also here.

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