Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's in My Bag

In August, asked its readers to send in photos of their 'Go Bags'. A photo submitted must show all the contents of a 'Go Bag', and a full text description. Lifehacker was so swamped with submissions that they had to do Parts 2 and 3.

When I submitted my entry, they were well into the 2nd part. But Part 3 came and my bag still wasn't selected. Oh, well. So here it is. My own 'Go Bag'. (Note: below the photo is a full description of my bag's contents.)

  1. Foldable fan. Very useful in the hot and humid Philippine climate.
  2. Small pouch. I use this to carry several items like keys, cellphones, wallet, mp3 players and flash drives. Very handy when I need to go out to lunch, or when I run errands and I cannot bring my back pack, like when I do grocery shopping.
  3. My Nokia 3100. Super durable, super efficient. It’s been with me since November 2005 and I never had any problems with it. Not even with its battery.
  4. My Samsung SGH-X160. It’s good to have two phones with two different mobile carriers. In case the other doesn't work, I can still have the other.
  5. My blue 6G iPod mini. I love it! Thanks to Apple for blue iPods.
  6. Alternate mp3 player. Creative Zen 512M.
  7. Combination locksets for my bag’s two zippered compartments. I use these when I need to leave/deposit my backpack, like in the supermarket or bookstore.
  8. My luckiest LA Gear wallet. Had this one since 1999. Super durable.
  9. Baby lotion. A quick solution for skin dryness especially inside our air conditioned office rooms. It helps that this is water-based so it’s light. I don’t get the “sticky” feel.
  10. Baby cologne. So refreshingly sweet. Can’t go wrong with this.
  11. Comb. Useful when needed. Not that I always need to tidy up my short hair.
  12. Visine. When my eyes get tired and strained.
  13. My medication for asthma. Symbicort and Ventolin.
  14. Toothpaste and toothbrush.
  15. My blue earphones.
  16. My black earphones. I need two earphones. I don’t know why, but I do. Hee-hee.
  17. Bench™ hankie and a small towel (underneath the hankie).
  18. External drive with 80G capacity and its cable.
  19. Flashdrives. 2G (black) and 256M (gray)
  20. ID card.
  21. Rosary. This one’s very precious to me because it was a gift from my youngest brother.
  22. Small expandable folder to hold and organize receipts, post-it notes, business cards, and other ID cards. It also has my passport and flu vaccination card.
  23. Pill box. It contains all of my medicines for allergies, GERD, and various first aid medications: aspirin, paracetamol, loperamide.
  24. Isopropyl alcohol. 70%. A small bottle is always very handy.
  25. Off lotion. It’s a mosquito repellent lotion.
  26. Small pouch containing cables, card reader, and a USB port hub.
  27. Pens. Pens. Pens. And lots of pens.
  28. The Body Shop’s clear lip gloss.
  29. Blistex Gloss and Shine.
  30. Mesaki lip shine. Green Apple and BubbleGum.
  31. Body Shop lip balms. Satsuma and Strawberry.
  32. Berroca. Best upper ever. Better than coffee.
  33. Compact mirror.
  34. My Starbucks 2007 Diary Planner. Can’t go out of the house without it. Also has a small notebook inside the leather case.
  35. Glasses. One dark, while the other is my “working” glasses.
  36. Keys. For my apartment, for the office.
  37. Finally, an incomplete photo of the “go” bag. It’s a Nike black and gray back pack, bought at a sports store in February 2006, which makes it an 19-month old bag. But never underestimate it, though. This bag’s been with me to Thailand, Batangas, Boracay, anywhere! And it’s still standing. Hurray!!! It’s one tough bag.

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