Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Important Notebooks

The two important notebooks in my life right now:
my blue Journal and my 2007 Starbucks diary planner.

Can't live without them, really. Just as I got busy with personal and family stuff over the weekend, I was unable to write anything in my Journal at all. I felt so guilty and irresponsible, that when I saw it in my bag last night I wanted to hug it. (sigh) But well, all that guilt went away after I wrote five pages of Journal entry to recap everything for the weekend. Redeemed myself, eh?


  1. I love your journal, and your planner as well. :-) Your writing is so pretty! I really want one of those Starbucks planners...alas, the nearest Starbucks is a 3 hour drive!

  2. i used to feel the same way ... the guilt of not writing (blog or notebook) ... but I've realized that "non-pressured" writing is usually much more satisfying!

  3. Your handwriting is awesome and very nice notebook reviews.

    I will buy some Flower WOW notebooks but I couldnt find purple and pink, blue ones in Turkey. Do you know an online store for this?