Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Been A Month

The Archer’s Chronicles is 1 month old today. Hmmm... That translates to 60 pages of more than 17,000 words written in the last 31 days. Whoa.

It also means that I have successfully chronicled the last 31 days of my life.

Indeed, this is the most serious Journal I’ve had in my entire life. I always say serious because I have kept it updated on a daily basis. I treat it with respect. And foremost, I have kept it decent. Anyone can peer into my Journal and not one indecent word in there. Not even in my darkest moments of anger and despair.

I love my Journal for two reasons, and two reasons only. First, because it contributes to my life’s balance and orderliness; and second, because I just love to write, and my Journal is the perfect writing companion for me.

My Journal helps me in so many ways, too. It helps me track important events not only in my life, but also in my family’s. My Journal keeps me company when I am so sad and alone at night; rejoices with me when I am happy; even claps for me when I receive good words for an accomplishment. As a writer, I love writing events and other stuff as they happen, because I believe doing so helps me to effectively capture the moment. And so leaving the house without it makes me feel incomplete especially if I need to be away for long periods of time.

I love to decorate my Journal with stickers, drawings, and other stuff. I attach photos related to any topic I write about, and other mementos that can be attached to its pages: ticket passes, receipts, tags, stamps, etc. The list can just go on.

Though the pages are cramped with my longhand together with some of the stuff mentioned above, I keep it neat. I mean, I try to keep erasures, smudges, and dirty smears at the minimum. I guess that's what I truly meant when I said I treat it with respect. After all, buried in those pages are moments of my life written in longhand.

I am also very keen and choosy with the kind of pens and the type of inks I use when I write on its white, clean pages. I love a pen that's consistent and comfortable to use. For my Journal, I use the best pens with the best inks. After all, this Journal contains very important things about me. Oh, I’m writing about me. I’m writing about my life.

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