Monday, November 5, 2007

After 17,000 words, I Need A Break

I finally got past the 15,000-word mark last night. It's a word count that I set for myself to write during the whole 4-day weekend Halloween holiday here in the Philippines. Lucky Me?

In between commuting from my apartment and my parents' house, (can't stay there, it's already a madhouse with three kids--sometimes five--and I couldn't write in such a noisy place) I did some writing--a lot of writing. Hear me out, I'm not bragging about it, I only needed to write more while I could because this week and all the coming ones this month are overflowing. And so while on an 'imposed' legally declared national official and special holidays, I wrote in a frenzy like crazy...

Also my eyes are hurting now I need to give them some badly needed rest. But that doesn't mean I'll stop writing. I still am writing, only not as frenzied and hurried and crazy like I did for the past four days... (*winks*)

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