Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Am Angry. Very.

Yes I am. Angry. Though my mother would say, when weren’t you? Yeah, right. But today, right now, I am just very, very angry.

Someone has been stalking me for the last four or five days. No, not stalking, for that is only a mild description of what this person does. This is harassment in its purest form.

It all started with cutesy text messages, inspirational quotes, and jokes, all of which I chose to ignore. I have never ever replied to those types of messages. I do not reply to people who have the habit of hiding their hideous plans behind the mask of a cellphone number. I am a clear-thinking individual, who uses modern gadgetry for their decent purposes, and not otherwise.

Two days later, perhaps when this person realized I am not going to entertain his/her "friendship", I started receiving nasty text messages, which at first, I tried to ignore. Again. Suddenly, the tone of his/her messages began to irritate me. Yes, his/her messages are nasty, rude, and threatening. They are bastos in all the meaning of the word bastos. He/She even tried to call me names. And 'evil' is just one of them. But, call me 'evil' for what? For refusing to associate with people like him/her?

Come on, pal. If you can type or mouth all the "kadiri" words you are saying, that's your call. Know that you will forever be accountable for your own words and deeds. I'm truly sorry to tell you this, but I had been raised in a Christian home where calling names is not a staple. We were given our birth names and we use that to call each other, not with anger, nor with mockery, but with respect. And again, I will tell you this, my 'friend', my father and my mother did not raise me up to be the idiot that you're claiming I am. I know who you are, and if you do not stop harrassing me, I can turn your world upside down for you, whether you want it or not.

I don't have the habit of sending anonymous text messages just to torment people. I am a busy person, I got lots of work to do, and sorry my 'friend', I just don't like you and your style.

See, I'm not in a shortage of friends 'cause I got a lot. Even without you.

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