Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm A New Postie!

I started this blog in 2006, and I have always thought of finding ways to monetize it. I first considered placing ads, but earning through them is a little slow for me. Then I came across this blog advertising site through a friend's blog and found out that I will not only write on my preferred topics, I will also earn through my write-ups! And so without any more second thoughts, I signed up, wrote my first article and got my fee straight to my Paypal account.

PayPerPost is blog advertising that works fine for bloggers like me who cannot write with a definite number of posts in a given time, and who also does not want her blog looking like a newspaper ad page. With this system, a blogger just checks on the available writing opportunities, reserves any topic which he/she finds suitable, and writes about it. Then the advertiser either approves or rejects the post, but I have not received any rejected posts yet (and hopefully, never). As soon as the post is approved, the fee is processed.

I did not write about this earlier because I wanted a concrete proof of payment to write about. When I wrote my first post, I was unsure whether it will work out or not, but surprisingly, it did! And so for you bloggers out there, who'd like to write about the things you love and make money at the same time, this is for you!


  1. how is the payment processed? paypal? do you get the cold hard cash right off? :) do tell.

  2. payment is approved as soon as the post/article/write-up is approved by the advertiser. but a blogger has to wait for a month before the payment is sent to his/her paypal account. but i guess this is ok, since most writers are paid for their work at a later time. would you believe that the articles i write for summit publishing are paid two months after they are published? and a writer writes an article for a specific issue one or two months before, so the waiting time for fees to be processed could take three to four months! :)

  3. i understand that writers getting paid after all the work is done takes time. i;m just curious about the logistics of it.

    there's no way to access the amount in paypal, i.e. actually getting the money in cash or at least transferred to an account where you can withdraw it.

    i guess you can just spend the money online then. :)

    anyway, email kita :)