Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Compromise

Another toy fire truck arrived today. (Sigh.) This hobby has hooked me beyond my expectations. But then, it's truly a great buy, considering that it's a green Pumper Fire Truck. Hah. Drool...

As I sat holding the box, gazing into its precious content, ah, it's amazing! And it’s all worth it. But then again, I am thinking of all the unplanned expenses I had been making the past month, buying die cast and scale model toys. A friend suggested I sell some of my unused stuff, like old books, accessories, and unwanted clothes and shoes. A bright idea, isn't it? Maybe I would. Maybe I'll use a good, trusted shopping cart software. I can place a shopping cart somewhere here. It would also be good to have one when I start the t-shirt business I’ve long been planning to start.

Now, I'm getting resourceful. Hah. But I would. Because I'd like to buy as many toy fire trucks out there!

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