Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Christmas in Easter

With Ash Wednesday gone a day before Valentine's, Easter is just around the corner. Like the many Christian families in the Philippines, our family activity during this sacred holiday is centered around religious activities during the week-long Semana Santa, with the traditional Pabasa and the recommended fasting and abstinence for the adults. The week culminates to Easter Sunday, where we celebrate more than we do during Christmas for as our grandparents say, Easter Sunday is truly more than that because Christ has risen from the dead.

Easter Sunday for us starts early with the younger members of the family searching for the colorful Easter eggs strewn about and hidden in our front yard. Then we go attend the mass, followed by a big family breakfast where we exchange gifts like we do during Christmas mornings. For this year, I have already made my Easter gift list for family members, especially for the kids who love candies and sweets. I have a custom-made Easter basket where I place my gifts, but when I ran out of ideas, I have a special list with promo codes to consult. Two of my favorites are Target and Best Buy as both offer good deals in one-stop coupons and discounts. With my new list and with the help of several coupons, my Easter gifts won't be a problem anymore.

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