Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Valentine Loot

I really didn't have the time to write about my Valentine loot, which actually are several items I bought from our recent trip to Makati on V-Day. Yup, our Valentine's Day was spent coordinating a seminar-workshop and a press conference at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati. Well, for most of us, the Day was just another ordinary day, except that flowers are being sold everywhere we went. The day started early for us, since we still needed to travel to Makati from Los Baños, and all of us in the van were deep asleep because we only had two or three hours of z's the night before due to the GS launch. Hehehe. The seminar started late by almost an hour, and went overtime by two hours!!! The press con was over by four, and we were given two hours to roam the malls before our group dinner at six.

When we went to the mall, I went to Landmark's toy department and got these:

New fire trucks!!! These are Tomica Nos. 41 and 74.

There were other fire trucks in the store, but I wanted to get all the Tomicas first, before I move on to Cararama, Maisto, and Corgi.

After an hour at Landmark, my next stop was the Toy Kingdom at SM Makati. Sadly, the Tomicas there are all cars, no fire trucks. So I declined.

Next stop: National Bookstore. Guess what I got?

This is the Inoxcrom Vivaldi Fountain Pen I've been wanting to buy. And it came free with my name engraved on the plastic barrel. And it's blue.

Our group of 13 finally met at six, and by six-thirty, we were like a bunch of kindergartens walking in the sidestreets of Glorietta looking for a place that can accommodate all of us to dinner. By seven, we were seated at TGI Friday's waiting for our salads and steaks. Whoa. But before that, since Hardrock Café is just across TGIF, Popen and I made a dash inside HRC to buy a pair of Hard Rock Café Makati shooters. Here is mine:

See? Valentine's wasn't so bad after all. We were working, we got free ride to Makati, we shopped, we had free food. Not bad at all. (*wink*)

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