Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Shotglasses, New Toys

March is starting fine for me and my collections. Two friends kindly gave me shotglasses to add into my collection, and just yesterday, I bought my first (two, actually) Cararama, together with a new Tomy Fire Fighting ambulance.

The Mojitos shottie is from Noel, while the antique one is from Jerwin.

This one below is my 10th Tomy toy, and it's a Morita Fire Fighting Ambulance, scaled at 1/74.

And my Cararamas. These two Beetles are my first Cararama toys. The red one is a fire brigade car, and the black one is a police car. I only wanted the fire brigade car, but I had to buy the other one as well, as they came in a boxed set.

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