Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Updates

Finally. After more than two weeks of hiatus, here are a few updates on my collections.

I got a new elephant from my friend Janeth. It measures .75" tall and 1.25" long. Janeth said it's from Thailand and is made of brass. (She also told me it's a pasalubong from his boss. Hehehe.)

I got new trucks, too! I got a 1978 Tomy #12 Toyota Forklift FD200, two variants of Tomy #53 (Nissan Diesel Mixers), a Terex 72-81 Loader (#118), an Isuzu Elf Aerial Platform (#70), two Komatsus: a Motor Grader (#24) and a Power Shovel PC200 Galeo (#9).

This Toyota forklift is my current favorite. Ang ganda nya!

I got two variants of the same Tomy line for the first time with these two #53s.

When Noel came home last week from his Kuala Lumpur trip, he gave me a wine stirrer from his KL hotel (Armada Hotel) and two Coca-Cola cans from KL and Singapore.

The Vanilla Coke can is from Singapore (my second Singapore can), while the Coke Light is from Malaysia.

Then Popen came home from his US vacation and brought me three shotglasses and one Hard Rock Café shooter. He also bought me Pilot G2 sets and BIC Velocity pens.

Whee! I got two US shotglasses, Washington DC and New York. The one with the car detail is a NASCAR shotglass.

Then he bought me a Hard Rock Café shooter from HRC New York, which brings my HRC shooters to three. The other two are from Singapore and Makati. The one from Singapore is also from Popen, and we were together when we bought our HRC Makati shooters.

I have more G2s now, and a set of BIC Velocity ballpens.

Hala. It really felt like Christmas last week. I came home Wednesday afternoon with a large bag full of gifts. It's truly a blessing (and a gift) to have very, very good friends (like I have) who:

  • does not mind parting with their precious items just so my collection will get a new addition;
  • does not mind lugging along empty Coca-Cola cans and fragile shotglasses
  • is okay with nicking hotel wine stirrers just so I'll be happy.

Janeth, Noel, and Popen, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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