Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Snippets from Two Weeks of Semi-Hibernation

  • Pancit bihon pino from Twinkle Pop tastes sooo good with tomato catsup. Yes, it does... And no, I'm not infanticipating.
  • Toasted white bread with loads of butter and jam dunked and soaked in fresh milk tastes just heavenly! Again, I am not infanticipating.
  • Watching consecutive cheesy movies makes one, what else, cheesy. Ayayay!
  • Listening to cheesy love songs makes one, again, what else, cheesy. Pambihira... Walastik!
  • Cheesy movies + cheesy love songs + short love poems = BIGGEST CHEESINESS... Walastik talaga!!! Puro cheese na lang! Always na lang...
  • I can go on for two days straight without sleep. Does that make me an insomiac already? Hu knows? (Seriously, my sleeping pattern of late has been driving me nuts...)
  • Spooky creatures are everywhere, especially before midnight... I got spooked while walking towards Raymundo Gate last week... Coming from the back of the UPLB Main Library...
  • Deserted streets look sad...
  • Dark, deserted streets are fun...
  • And being 34, single, and living solo is indeed fun, fun, fun!!! (Believe me, it is...)

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