Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back to Collecting

Because of the recent events in my life, I forgot about my other passion: collecting. Oh, I feel so guilty!

For my truck collection, I am not guilty here because I promised not to buy any until November after my purchase from Leo Sajonas last April. I do want to keep to my strict rule of one truck a month.

But for the others, I am just sooo guilty. I wasn't able to write more, or read as much. But I'm getting back to the groove. I'm reading again, and I'm writing again. Fortunately, I have friends who love to add stuff into my growing collections. A friend went to China in May and brought me the red notebook below, and another friend went to Japan last week and gave me my first taste of Midori with the Diamond Memo black notebook below. (Midori!!! I got Midori!!!)

Details here:

This notebook from China is sooo wonderfully beautiful. The cover is made of red silk cloth embroidered with Chinese characters and embellished with a charm made of jade. The inside pages are made of white unruled paper.

This Midori notebook is from Japan (where else?). The cover is plastic and the inside pages are ruled with green, tiny, dotted lines. So simple and yet so elegant.

I'm catching up, yes. I may be late for McDonald's Happy Meal's Kung Fu Panda, but I'll catch up. I will.

I'm going back to everything that my life used to be before April came along. I'm going back to how simple, spartan, and uncomplicated life used to be for me, after J and before L. It was indeed a very short period of time to be completely alone, but it also taught me so much that I am now longing for those days when I had no one but myself.

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