Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Remember this blog entry sometime in May? Well, my orders for leather sleeves from Chie Acosta of Creativille arrived in time, I just didn't have the chance to post any photos.

The sleeves were delivered promptly, and they came wrapped in beautifully crafted paper with a wax seal. How nice. My joy was indescribable when I saw the sleeves. When I slid my Moleskine into the sleeve's holder, ah, my joy was truly complete.

The sleeve was lovingly handcrafted by Chie Acosta, who got excited when I told her that the sleeves she will create will be commemorative for a special occasion. So she used two different types of leather to make the sleeves a unique set. The sleeve that Chie created for me is from darkly-tanned, very smooth leather. The other sleeve (which I cannot show because I gave it away already) is an exact opposite of the other, made of scuffed, lightly tanned leather with silver embellishments. Both sleeves have straps created from the same leather material.

Here's how my Moleskine fits into the leather sleeve.

And here's how it looks when it's tied with its strap:

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