Friday, November 28, 2008

Fountain Pen in Shotglass

I was using my inked fountain pens to write on my new notebook (to be posted later) when I found out that my Inoxcrom Vivaldi doesn't write properly. I thought the ink in the cartridge has ran out or dried, so I replaced it with a fresh one. But that did not help, as the lines coming from my pen's nib is still broken and wobbly. Hmmm... Time to clean it up, I thought. But my cleaning materials were at home, so I improvised. I took out a WOW Philippines souvenir shotglass and filled it with enough water to soak the pen's nib, and minutes later, after a second change of water and drying it with thick wads of paper towels, the pen writes perfectly and smoothly again! Whew.

This is how it looked when I used a shotglass to soak the Vivaldi's nib. I guess I found a better use for those shotglasses in my collection, huh? *Wink.*

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