Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Confession

WARNING: This post is overly imeldific. So if you're overly sensitive, shoo away. ;)

I love shoes, especially sneakers. I wear sneakers everyday, I collect them, and I have more than 10 pairs at home. I try to wear them on rotation, or whenever my shirt color calls for a particular pair of sneakers. Aside from sneakers, I also have two pairs of running shoes and several leather loafers which I meticulously take very good care of. For my sneakers and rubbers, I clean the soles and rubber linings using mild detergent and a soft brush, then I leave them propped on a rug to dry. For my leather shoes, I use a special cleaner I bought from a local supermarket. All my shoes are returned to their original boxes after cleaning. I do this to ensure that they are well protected from dust, and also for organizing. (Just so I do not forget which pair of shoes went to which boxes. I’m a freak when it comes to organizing my stuff and that includes my shoes.)

Lately, because of the rains here in tropical RP, I’ve been considering getting a pair of reliable boots. I can wear sandals when I'm outside because I also have a couple of pairs, but I can’t stand it when my feet are exposed and not socked within closed shoes. It's very uncomfortable. I’ve been on the lookout for a good but inexpensive pair to wear when I go out so I do not expose my canvas sneakers and leather loafers to mud and rainwater. We’ll see if I’m in luck in the next few days.

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