Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Here's From Bleubug

Lately, I haven't had the time to write anything about pens, notebooks, or toys. Been busy with the Brief, and with something else. But on a rainy, gloomy, sad Tuesday morning, our Mailroom guy gave this to me, and boy, did it brighten the whole world for me. *Wink.*

This postcard, like the one that Missive Maven sent to me, is not from Postcrossing, but from a dear friend from the 'other side of the hemisphere.' Tom, or TAO to most of us at FPN-P, sent me this postcard from Virginia. It's very kind of him, whom I only met online, after I've posted comments on his blog. He has also created a Frankenpen for me, christened Frankenthein by fellow fountain pen collector Leigh Reyes.

The front of the postcard shows fall at Lover's Leap Overload and Lover's Leap birdhouses.

It's thoughtful of him to write with a fountain pen and use two different inks in his message, one for the greetings and his signature, and another for the body of the letter. I'm not sure about the blue ink, though, but the orange is J. Herbin's Orange Indien. Cool.

Again, for this postcard's pièce de résistance: the stamps! I got Simpsons' stamps!!! Bart, Homer, and Marge are here!!! And I'm just so proud to have them. *Wink.*

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