Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And Now... Meet Mary Ann

And now, meet Mary Ann. Stunning, isn’t she?

Mary Ann belongs to Retro 51's Scriptmaster II series, and she's the third in my stash of white fountain pens. I got her from her previous owner last April but only got to ink her early this month. She's made of solid bars of cellulose acetate, and her articulated clip and rings are coated with platinum. Whoa.

Retro 51's logo on the cap's ring.

She is 5.5 inches long of flawless beauty, 5 inches uncapped, and extends to 6.5 inches when posted. Her Medium steel nib writes very smooth and very wet, the exact two things I always look for in a fountain pen.

And she is with other fountain pens on top of my blue flannel pen wrap. Peeking out on her left is my black Pilot 78G, and on her right, sharing a slot are the pens from India: Camlin and Chelpark.

And so her name is Mary Ann. She's got brothers and sisters, too. In fact, she's got a sister named Clementine, and I know I should have gotten that, but orange pens are not my thing now. Later, maybe. But for now, you rock my world, Mary Ann! *Winks.*

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