Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Postcard Fun/Joy

These postcards made my day today. Imagine my joy when I got these from our mailbox this morning? Thank you, Pirjo and Long.

The first postcard is a Kaj Stenvall reproduction of a 1993 piece titled, "Whose Move?". I've received a lot of postcards from Finland since I started Postcrossing, but I never did get the chance to receive any of these must-have cards. This is my first Kaj Stenvall, I hope to get more. *Wink.*

This second card is from Taiwan, and it is very, very special. I have always loved bridges, and I have always wished someone from the USA will send me a photo of the San Francisco Bridge. This one, after all, belongs to the holy grails of my postcard collection. It came in an envelope, and though that was an early disappointment, seeing the postcard took all of that away. Add to that the fact that this American postcard, printed in Korea, brought to Taiwan, and mailed from there to reach me here in RP is just so interesting.

Who says that small things cannot bring joy and happines into one's life? Fools. These small joys are enough to last me through the week rowing and paddling away in deadlines, presentations, proofs, and other bigger things that make life dreadful. *Wink.*

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