Monday, July 27, 2009

GPW #3: Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick

Here’s GPW#3: Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick 0.7 in Blue and Black

After missing GPW for two weeks, it’s back today with Uni-Ball pens.

I got the Signo Gelstick pens from Office Warehouse, the store that also sells Schneider pens and Eagle notebooks. After buying them, I put them in my plastic pen case together with a lot of other pens and left them there, without even trying any of them.

Weekends ago (yes, it has been that long), while I was looking for pens for GPW, I was settled to get a non-Pilot pen. I thought it was time to try the Signo Gelsticks, so I took the two pens out of the box. As soon I tried to write using the black pen, I regretted not having used it earlier. Oh, why didn’t I?

Both pen are mediums (0.7), but wrote smoothly, evenly, and did not skip. The frosted, semi-transluscent plastic barrel is easy to hold while I write, even without the rubber grip I have so gotten used to in my other pens. And because these pens impressed me, I searched for reviews and comments about them and learned these facts:

  • The ink used is water-based, acid-free pigment gel ink.
  • It is fade and water-resistant, thus lasts long and resists fading due to exposure to light.
  • Helps prevent check washing.
  • The stainless steel tips with tungsten carbide balls have twin-ball action to prevent ink leaks.

The Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick stainless steel tips with the 0.7mm tungsten-carbide balls.

I understand I haven't done a water resistance tests in my previous GPW entries, but because of the fade and water-resistant claims on the Signo Gelsticks, I decided to do one. I ripped off a page from my Eagle notebook and wrote on it. I then placed the page under the tap's running water, and it was simply amazing to see that indeed the ink on these pens remained visibly clear. It did not run, feather, or bleed. Cool.

The Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick now belongs to my top 10 gel pens. It is a simple pen that is highly ideal for everyday use whether at work or in school, and it uses the same ink that Uni-Ball uses in their pricier pens. Great. I'm sure to get more of these pens later, in the same ink colors and hopefully the other available colors: red, green, light blue/turquoise, violet, fluorescent pink, and fluorescent orange.

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