Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Postcard Joy

Oh, joy! Been truly busy lately, but there are small, wonderful things that made me blissfully happy these days. Among pens, paper and inks, these firetruck postcards from postcrosser Milan of Czech Republic gave me a long needed woot!

The first firetruck card was sent to me through Posctcrossing. I then sent him a message to ask if there are more from his place and he said yes, indeed, there are four more. And he sent the four to me, complete with lovely bird stamps. I'm one lucky person to have so many kind friends who send postcards, buy inks, paper and donate pens -- all for friendship's sake.

Ah, joy! While buried in so many things right now -- some are good and some are not-so good -- I have a wide, sweet, content smile on my lips. For these small things are what make me feel that in my life, I really must have done something good. *Wink.*

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