Monday, September 21, 2009

GPW #4: Zebra Jimnie Gel Rollerball

Here's (a super late) GPW #4: Zebra Jimnie Gel Rollerball medium black.

GPW has been out for too long, and today, it's back with another non-Pilot pen: a Zebra. This pen, together with a blue Foray gel pen, was given to me as payments for fixing someone's computer a while back. :) When I got this pen, I thought it's just another gel pen. Together with the Foray gel, I placed it in my plastic box of gel pens, ballpoints, and mechanical pencils. But while I was sorting through that box looking for a pen for GPW, I was brought to face the Jimnie again, for which I am thankful for.

Here's a writing sample of the Zebra Jimnie (The XL view is here):

As I wrote to test the Zebra Jimnie pen, I was suprised at its smoothness and the wonderful consistent medium line it lays on paper. The ink also dried up fast, and though I didn't do a water-resistant test, I am fairly satisfied at the amount of drying time it required. The ink did not feather or bled on the Cattleya paper I am using for pen and ink reviews, and this made me very happy. :) The pen's plastic barrel, section and cap do not bother me at all. In fact, the rubber grip installed is very helpful as the pen stays on my grip comfortably as I write.

But among other things, the Zebra Jimnie's black ink is its winning mark. I realized through the Jimnie's ink that the degree of darkness of black ink (for gel pens or fountain pens) is equally important. Black is not enough, if it is not dark enough. Period. The darkness of the Zebra Jimnie's ink is what I really like, and I hope I could find an ink as black as it is for my fountain pens, too. *Winks.*

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