Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Rhodia No. 10s at Play

I love my Rhodia No. 10s, and my toys love them, too!

It's obvious I had fun with my Rhodia pads when I did the photo shoot last week. Winks. :) I used the ChoroQ initially for size comparison, then I thought of my Cararama VWs. If only the other VW is orange and not red! It would have been a perfect Rhodia combination, right? Well... maybe it's time I go back to the toy store and find myself a black and orange combination...


  1. Love the toy VWs! Quite a few Beetle toys surround me here. :)

  2. You got Beetles too? :) There'll be more toys to accompany my pens and notebooks later, TAO! :)