Monday, May 17, 2010

Rhodia and Thein the Frankenpen in Puerto Galera

My Rhodia pad and Frankenthein in Puerto Galera Beach, May 2010.

With summer nearing its end, the organization I work for kindly sponsored an all-expense paid two-day trip for all of us to visit Puerto Galera. On the first day, we had lunch by Tamaraw Falls and hiked to Ponderosa Golf and Country Club. In the afternoon, I had a massage on the beach, and played Maria Goes to Galera and lost. LOL! Later in the night, I had a taste of the famous 'Mindoro Sling' while waiting for my henna tattoo to dry. :)

My hennaed hand. Photo taken by award-winning photographer EJ Azucena.

It was snorkelling and diving the second day, and while it was scorchingly hot in the beach, and most of my companions enjoyed the waters, I stayed behind sheltered in the cool and comfortable room provided by Marco Vincent Dive Resort. :)

When I went out the afternoon we were to go back, I brought along my gear: Thein the Frankenpen and my Rhodia notepad which proved to be useful later as we played 'FLAMES' while stuck in heavy Calamba traffic the night we went home.


  1. Did the pen get a tan? :)

  2. Wow, I like the bats on your notebook!

    I just blogged about one of your postcards, by the way.

  3. This is a great photo. The water looks so inviting!


  4. You should have tried snorkeling; you will be astonished to see these magnificent underwater creatures up close and in real life. I could never forget my first time, it was very exhilarating.