Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: Daycraft's Envelope Folder

Daycraft, a Hong Kong-based stationery and paper company, has been sending me notebook and diary samples to review for some time now. I have reviewed their SignatureFlower Wow, and Juicy notebooks, and though they are not meant for full fountain pen use, I still liked them very much. Daycraft's products are elegant, fun, and very contemporary. Shortly after the company was formed, their product selection expanded to include diaries, sketchbooks, and accessories.

Daycraft has three collections, namely: Signature, Fun and Funky, and Fresh and Collectible. I like the Signature collection the most because of its matching diaries and notebooks, and the newly-released range of accessories, including the Signature Envelope Folder.

I received the two-toned red A4 Envelope Folder and I have to say that it is beautiful. Available in five colors, it is made from Italian polyurethane or PU, a synthetic material that has the combined elasticity of rubber and toughness of metal. The material is smooth to the touch, but thick and strong enough to hold the documents inside the pocket.

Daycraft's logo is neatly pressed at the back part of the Envelope Folder. 

The inner flap is cross-stitched for strength and durability, and the black thread is a beautiful accent to the flap.

The Envelope Folder's flap can hold 20 sheets of regular 70gsm bond. Here, I tried including a thin notebook and everything stayed neatly in place. This Envelope Folder is perfect for my presentation papers, case abstracts, and other documents.

Daycraft is now offering more products beyond their notebooks. Their accessories collection has a wide variety of color coordinated products including folding trays, iPhone pockets, iPad pockets, moneywraps, card pockets, desk calendars, and the Handy Pick Holder, a distant cousin of my beloved Midori Traveler's Notebook. If you're looking for tools to keep organized, visit Daycraft's website at

The A4 Envelope Folder used in this review is courtesy of Daycraft, through their Retail and Marketing Manager, Mr. Foreal Lee.


  1. That's a really good-looking document holder! Great review as always :)

  2. Wow you are so lucky!