Monday, October 24, 2016

Fountain Pen Review: Nemosine Singularity Blueberry

I came across the brand Nemosine a few years ago through a fellow member of Fountain Pen Network Philippines. His pen, Nemosine Singularity, was a modest demonstrator with chrome trims, but what caught my eye was its #6 nib. More colors were produced since then, but it wasn't available in the Philippines, so the chance of getting one in my collection was slim. Until I got an offer to review one.

Goldspot Pens, seller of brand name luxury and fine writing fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens based in New Jersey, USA, has kindly sent me a Nemosine Singularity fountain pen in Blueberry with a 0.6mm stub nib to review here.

Nemosine, a pen company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been around for a couple of years. Their writing instruments, offered only as fountain pens are: Singularity, Neutrino, and Fission. The Singularity, their flagship fountain pen, is available in three finishes: Traditional, Demonstrator, and Acrylic. For a fountain pen in the $20 price range, the Singularity has a wide range of colors and nib widths to choose from. The Blueberry fountain pen in this review is one of the 13 colors of the Traditional Singularity, with seven other colors in the Demonstrator and Acrylic lines.

Nemosine fountain pens are packaged in simple white laminated cardboard boxes that bear the Nemosine logo on one side. The other side has details about the pen such as color, nib width, warranty, and the origins of the pen's parts. Interestingly, every Nemosine Singularity pen box is marked with the Schwarzschild radius equation.

Inside the box are: Singularity fountain pen, converter, six short international ink cartridges, and a fountain pen filling and cleaning instruction leaflet.

The Singularity's parts are manufactured from different places, as the box indicates. The pen bodies (cap, barrel) are from Taiwan, while the nibs come from Germany (either Jowo or Bock). The pens are then inspected and packaged in the USA. Nemosine offers a three-year 'perfection warranty' for their pens.

When I tried the Singularity Blueberry for the first time, I noticed that it's a very light fountain pen, even with a full converter. It's just as light as a Lamy Safari, but the difference in their plastic material is noticeable. While I am confident that the Safari will survive a fall, I cannot say the same for the Singularity. The Singularity, however, has an impressive gloss.

The Singularity weighs ~17 grams (capped), and measures ~5.4 inches long while capped, ~4.9 inches without the cap, and ~5.8 inches when the cap is posted.

Parts of the Singularity: cap, barrel, converter, section, feed, and nib.

The barrel and cap of the Singularity have the same tapered shape, where they are widest at the center of the pen, and narrows slightly towards the ends. The Singularity pen's barrel is shaped from a single piece of plastic which is excellent for eyedropper conversion. The cap is screw-on type, which is a nice feature for an inexpensive pen.

The Singularity's wide cap band is set above the cap lip, giving it a nice look together with the barrel's thin chrome band when the pen is capped. The Nemosine logo is handsomely inscribed into the cap band.

The Singularity clip and clip band are in the same chrome finish as the barrel and cap bands. The folded-metal clip is springy and holds the pen securely in place.

The conical endpoints (top cap, barrel end) of the Nemosine Singularity fountain pen.

The Singularity's #6 nibs have a unique and distinctive design. The design suggests butterfly wings, but I also see flower petals and bird feathers. The imprint includes "Made in Germany" at the base, nib width (0.6) above it, and the letter N (for Nemosine) just below the breather hole.

There are six nib widths available for the Singularity: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm. The 0.6mm nib is untipped and quite sharp, and may not be suited for writers who rotate their pens, but the sharp italic creates impressive line variations.

Traditional Singularity fountain pens have the same black plastic section. It has a nice hourglass shape without any grip guides that is comfortable to hold.

In other pens, the threads used in screwing the cap to the barrel is placed in the barrel. With the Singularity, the threads are placed in the section and not in the barrel, so that at times, my fingers are resting on the threads above the section. It does not bother me at all, nor does it make writing uncomfortable.

The Singularity's (center) nib with other #6 nibs: Jinhao (left) and Edison (right).

I am including the Nemosine Singularity (5.4 inches) in the full size pen category, together with the TWSBI 540 (5.6 inches), Lamy Safari (5.5 inches), and Noodler's Ahab (5.4 inches). Its length is just right for comfortable writing.

I love matching ink colors with my fountain pens. Diamine Sapphire Blue seemed the perfect match for the Blueberry Singularity. The untipped 0.6mm stub nib was not smooth throughout the writing sample I included here, but I am happy and impressed with the line variation it produced.

Perfect together: Diamine Sapphire Blue and Singularity Blueberry
The Nemosine 0.6mm stub nib makes writing very expressive.

While I have a few minor reservations about the Singularity, I would still recommend this $20 fountain pen not only to beginners, but to long-time fountain pen users, as well. Its material may be a downside, but the #6 nib is probably worth $15-$20 on its own. It's a lightweight pen, and comfortable enough to use for longer periods of writing. If you are looking for a beginner fountain pen, or for one to add into your collection, head over to Goldspot Pens and get one (or two)!

The Singularity and other Nemosine fountain pens are widely available in many reputable sellers worldwide. If you want to look at other Singularity pens, visit Goldspot Pens.

I received the Nemosine Singularity fountain pen in this review free of charge from GOldspot Pens. For more details, visit their website.


  1. Nice pen. I have the silver or gray version with the fine nib. If I could write as neatly as you do I'd get a wider nib. Excellent handwriting.