Monday, February 1, 2021

Fountain Pen Ink Review: Scribe x Troublemaker Inks Pawikan

Oh, they did it again! It's the beginning of the year, our favorite pen store has just launched a new limited edition ink, and we are all excited about it. Our "ink inner peace" is officially disturbed. After the successful launch of Butanding ink in October last year, ScribePh has partnered with Cebu-based Troublemaker Inks once again for a new limited edition ink, Pawikan (sea turtle). This collaboration also includes JIM Weaver, a local shop selling scarves and reusable masks. The Scribe x TMKR Inks x JIM Weaver project is inspired by Scribe's "support local businesses" initiative and the set is proudly made in the Philippines.

The Pawikan project, another of's Support Local initiatives bring us the Scribe x TMKR Inks x JIM Weaver Pawikan Set that includes a limited edition Troublemaker Pawikan fountain ink and JIM Weaver Pawikan reusable face mask.

JIM Weaver is a business in the Philippines led by four women who share the same passion to make art wearable through fashion. Their products range from silk scarves to reusable/reversible masks. The reusable mask in this limited edition set is again very timely as wearing face masks in public is now a mandatory practice in the Philippines. Called "Pawikan," the mask is an original JIM Weaver design by Isabelle Ocier in an exclusive colorway that matches the olive green Pawikan ink.

Limited edition Scribe x Troublemaker Inks Pawikan fountain pen ink.
JIM Weaver's "Pawikan" mask is an original design and exclusive colorway that matches Pawikan ink.

Pawikan is my second Troublemaker ink after Butanding. This shading ink, inspired by the sea turtle, is dark green when wet and dries a charming combination of light olive green, some bluish-green, brown, and orange. Pawikan, like Butanding, is a wet ink with excellent flow and consistency. I'm also happy to report that it does not stain or clog pens.

Pawikan is a charming shading ink with a combination of light olive green, some bluish-green, brown, and orange.
I do not have any similar ink colors, but Vinta Inks Serena is close to Pawikan, while the other ink colors in this sampler are darker.
Pawikan sample from a Lamy Al-star with a 1.1 nib. It took around 25-30 seconds to dry, but ink drying times vary depending on nib wetness, paper quality, and hand stroke. Pawikan could have dried faster if it was written using a fine or medium nib.
In my writing sample, Pawikan's beautiful shading is seen in the Canson 90gsm sketchbook paper. I tried Pawikan on Tomoe River Paper, Traveler's Notebook, and other 160gsm paper sheets, but it was in this Canson sketchpad that the shading is very prominent.
Pawikan's shading is prominent in wider and wet nibs. This writing sample was written using a Lamy Al-star with 1.1 nib.
Pawikan looks good in wider nibs. It only appears as dark green ink in the EF and F nibs, but the shading showed in wider nibs.
Project Pawikan is an excellent example of brands working together to produce something beautiful and meaningful amidst these trying times.

Pawikan is a beautiful fountain pen ink and an excellent product from a collaboration of local brands. It's a unique shading ink and a must-have in one's ink collection. This lovely green ink is available for a short period of time only, so get one for your pens now!

Rants of The Archer thanks Scribe for providing the fountain pen ink in this review. Visit the ScribePh website to learn more about their products, promos, and new brand offerings. ScribePh now offers worldwide shipping. Follow them on social media:


  1. Hello: Thank you for your review. This is a beautiful shade of green, especially when used with your wider nibs. May I please ask which Lamy Al-Star pen that you are using? It doesn't look like Charged Green and I don't recognize that one. Many thanks. (Apologies if a double posting appears; the first one vanished.)

    1. Thank you! The pen is a Silver Green Al-star. It was launched in 1997 or 1998 and has been discontinued since 2008.