Monday, February 8, 2021

Review: NATIVIDAD Leather Three-Pen Case Dark Blue

When I started using and collecting fountain pens in 2008, fountain pens and inks were not the only hard to find items in the Philippines. Fountain pen accessories—pen cases, pen wraps, paper friendly notebooks—were even harder to find. Most of us had to get some of these items abroad. In recent years, pen accessories and related products have become available in the country, with some accessories being handcrafted by local makers. Pen wraps, pen rolls, and pen cases made by expert Filipino artisans are now available locally. One such product is the three-pen case by the local leathermaker NATIVIDAD Leather. 

I first saw the leather pen cases by NATIVIDAD Leather in our local fountain pen group. I got a three-pen case in the newly-released dark blue color, and I was very impressed the moment I opened the box. The pen case has a simple design but is well-crafted and tough for daily use. The leather is smooth, supple, and clean. I found a new pen case for my everyday carry. 

NATIVIDAD Leather Three-Pen Case in dark blue

NATIVIDAD Leather's pen cases are handcrafted in the Philippines using locally sourced leather and materials. They are semi-hard cases made from durable full-grain vegetable-tanned leather designed to protect pens. The outer side of the leather is shiny and smooth and will surely develop a patina over time. The inner part is grainy but soft and supple with an earthy leather scent. 

NATIVIDAD Leather pen cases are safe for pens as they do not have any metal hardware such as snap buttons or fasteners that could potentially scratch or damage pens. The adjustable closure of the pen case is also made from leather to make sure it is safe for even the most delicate pens.

I got a dark blue leather pen case, but this three-pen case is also available in black, tan, olive, and teal. Colors vary from time to time depending on available materials.

The semi-hard pen cases from NATIVIDAD Leather have separate slots for individual pens, so they will not scratch one another. The pen slots are designed to be shorter than those in regular pen cases so that pens do not need to be clipped over the leather. This reduces stress on the cap and prevents breakage. The short pen slots also provide more space to grip pens so they are easier to pull out of the pen case. 

The pen case has individual slots for three pens.
The individual slots ensure pens are safe inside.

The slots can fit pens up to 5.70 in (14.5 cm) long, and ~1.9 in (5 cm) in barrel diameter, but the leathermakers at NATIVIDAD Leather can easily customize their pen cases to fit longer and larger pens. Having local makers create accessories for us ensures that product customization is always possible. Aside from three-pen cases, NATIVIDAD Leather can also make single pen sleeves and four- and six-pen leather cases.

The semi-hard three-pen leather case fits longer pens such as a Conklin Duragraph or a Leonardo Momento Zero, and large pens such as the BENU Tessera.
It's perfect for Lamy Safaris...
...and TWSBI ECOs.
The short pen slots of this pen case also fit pocket pens such as the Kaweco Sport. The flap can be pulled further down for a more secure fit.
It's the perfect companion to my blue Traveler's Notebook.
I am happy and proud to see Filipino artisans making excellent, world-class products such as this three-pen case. It's well-built and designed carefully to be useful for a long period of time and promotes local leather craftsmanship. NATIVIDAD Leather products are fully customizable to fit different pens. The only additional feature I was looking for in this pen case is a logo or any markings to indicate the leathermaker's branding.

Rants of The Archer thanks NATIVIDAD Leather for providing the pen case in this review. If you want to purchase their pen cases, you can send NATIVIDAD Leather an email at or follow them on Facebook: or Instagram: to get updates on new product offers.

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