Monday, April 5, 2021

Review: Esterbrook MV Nib Adaptor

Esterbrook MV Nib Adaptor and proprietary ink converter

When I was new to fountain pens in 2008, I saw many pens from the senior members of our local pen group. There were colorful modern pens and unique vintage pens that fascinated me then. Two brands—Lamy, a modern, and Esterbrook, a vintage, really stood out for me and it's quite interesting how the two pens share a common feature that is practical and useful: their interchangeable nibs. I got several Esterbrook Js then and had a couple of nibs to fit into the pens. It was fun! 

However, modern pens with easier filling mechanisms suited my daily writing habits, and I placed my vintage Esties in storage. The vintage nibs that I love also went to storage, including the smooth 1551 medium Student nib and the wet and smooth 9968 broad nibs. But then something wonderful happened. The new Esterbrook Pen Company invented a tool that takes modern to vintage in just a couple of turns—the Esterbrook MV Nib Adaptor. Now I can enjoy writing with my vintage Esterbrook nibs again using my modern Esterbrook pens! Brilliant!

Esterbrook and their retailers sold the MV Nib Adapter including one vintage Esterbrook nib chosen at random. Mine came with a 1550 firm extra tine nib, a vintage nib used by accountants and bookkeepers. Also included in the package is a proprietary converter that fits the vintage nibs better than regular standard international converters.

The MV (modern to vintage) Nib Adaptor was designed and engineered by the Esterbrook Pen Company to allow new and modern-day Esterbrook fountain pens to accept vintage nibs from more than 200 different points/widths. Designed as a replacement section, the MV Adaptor has a similar shape as the vintage Esterbrook grip sections from the 50s and 60s. It is threaded to fit the shape of vintage Esterbrook nibs and feeds and allows seamless ink flow using a proprietary converter. The Adaptor is available only in black, though, but this is fine as there are many pens with different sections and barrel colors. 

The MV Nib Adaptor fits the Estie, and allows a vintage nib to be used in modern Esterbrook fountain pens.
The MV Adaptor is also a replacement section for the Estie.
The Adaptor is threaded to accept vintage Esterbrook nibs such as this Master Duracrome Point 9968.
Did you know the MV Adaptor fits Estie Oversize pens, too? It fits my Rocky Top OS perfectly!
Contrary to the belief that vintage Esterbrook nibs are only available in extra fine and fine points, they are also available in firm broad and flexible widths.

My vintage Esterbrook pens may not be in my daily carry as frequently as I want them to be, but with the MV Nib Adaptor, I can use my vintage nibs all the time! I only wish that the MV Nib Adaptor can also fit the Esterbrook JR pens for the perfect reimagined/revisit look! For now, I am glad that I can use my vintage Esterbrook nibs again in my beautiful modern Esterbrook fountain pens. Do you want to have a modern and vintage pen experience? Get an Esterbrook Estie and MV Nib Adaptor now!

Rants of The Archer thanks the Esterbrook Pen Company and Kenro Industries for providing the MV Nib Adaptor for this review. The MV Nib Adaptor is available at where it retails for US$40. 

To learn more about the Esterbrook Pen Company, where to buy their pens, and for other details on purchasing their pens and accessories, visit their website at or follow them on social media:


  1. Will this be available locally (Manila)? If it will, that would be a good reason to get an Estie.

    1. It should be as Scribe is now selling Esterbrook pens. We may have to request them to stock up on the MV Adaptor.