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Notebook Review: LiveNotes Notebooks by PenGallery

LiveNotes notebooks, Pen Gallery exclusives

When you use fountain pens, it's always a joyous event when you find a paper product that tolerates fountain pen writing. After shifting to using fountain pens for everyday writing, I stopped looking at beautiful and colorful notebooks and pads. I always check the paper quality before buying them. Imagine my happiness when I received Pen Gallery's LiveNotes notebooks! LiveNotes are exclusively produced and sold by the Malaysian store using the well-known fountain pen friendly Tomoe River paper. The series offer notepads and notebooks in different sizes, all with 68gsm Tomoe River paper.

Created especially for fountain pen lovers, LiveNotes are available in the following formats and sizes: Notepad A4, Notebooks in B5, B6, A5, and A6, TN regular refill, TN passport refill, ink diary, and wire-bound hardcover A5 notebook.

LiveNotes Notebook A5 Purple Mangis

Of all notebook sizes out there, the A5 (5.8 × 8.3 inches) is my favorite for writing. My notebooks for journaling, daily notes, work notes, ink diary, and health tracking are all in A5. To me, the A5 size is like a large room with enough space for everything—it's large enough for my notes and doodles. LiveNotes A5 is such a nice notebook because it has 68gsm Tomoe River paper with 5mm dot grid. It's not thick even though it has 64 pages or 16 sheets of paper. It's perfect for diary keeping, junk journals, and bullet journaling. LiveNotes A5 notebook is also available in blue, green, and orange covers.

LiveNotes A5 Notebook in Purple Manggis (mangosteen)

LiveNotes Notebook B6 Green

LiveNotes notebooks are also available in B6 size (4.9 × 6.9 inches). This notebook is smaller than the A5, but larger than the usual pocket-sized notebooks. I haven't tried B6 notebooks before, and I find this bright green one perfect for daily notes and lists, but I want to make it my "quotes journal." I love writing down quotes from famous personalities, books, movies, and even from my favorite Netflix series (Hello, Good Witch!). I'll collect my favorite quotes and write them in this B6 notebook. Similar to the A5 Purple Manggis, this B6 Green notebook has 64 pages of 68gsm Tomoe River paper with 5mm dot grid. 

LiveNotes B6 Notebook in Green

LiveNotes Notebook A6 Pink

This pocket-sized A6 (4.1 × 5.8 inches) LiveNotes notebook is so handy and useful! It's small compared with its A5 and B6 cousins, but it fits into small bags, and can even be an insert inside my A5 notebooks. This notebook is perfect for lists, random notes, and reminders. I have written my list of medications and emergency numbers in this notebook and I'm keeping it in my daily carry. And because this notebook has Tomoe River paper, I can now use a fountain pen in writing down notes while I'm at the grocery or drugstore. Pen Gallery lists this notebook's cover as pink, but my camera interpreted it as orange. Pink or orange, I don't mind as long as it has Tomoe River paper.  

Live Notes A6 Notebook in Pink

I have a number of notebooks with 52gsm Tomoe River paper, and sometimes I still get bad ink bleed or feathering. LiveNotes has 68gsm Tomoe River paper, and writing on it is a different experience. My pens' nibs simply glide on this smooth, luxurious paper. Some of my pens with scratchy nibs wrote smoothly on this paper.

LiveNotes notebooks use 68gsm Tomoe River paper with 5mm dot grid

To test the 68gsm Tomoe River paper in LiveNotes notebooks, I used a whole page in the A5 Purple Manggis to test most of my inked pens. This paper really showed the shading in some of my inks, and all of my pens wrote so smoothly! Even the scratchy ones! 

Pen and ink tests in LIveNotes notebooks' 68gsm Tomoe River paper.

Look! No bleed! Err—Baystate Blue bled. But BSB bleeds on almost anything! 

Of all the 38 pens I tested on this paper, only the Lamy Vista bled because it was filled with the notorious Noodler's Baystate Blue. 

I love all the LiveNotes notebooks and will definitely get some when I use them all. They are friendly to fountain pens, useful, handy, and affordable. The LiveNotes A5 costs ~US$3.14, while the B6 is priced at US$2.90, and the A6 at US$2.31. Do you want to write on smooth paper and never worry about bleed tough and feathering? Get LiveNotes notebooks!

Rants of The Archer thanks Pen Gallery for providing the LiveNotes notebooks in this review. Visit their website to learn more about their products and new brand offerings. offers worldwide shipping. For more updates, follow Pen Gallery on social media:

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