Friday, June 11, 2021

Notebook Review: Ayush Paper Fountain Pen Books

Ayush Paper Fountain Pen Books

Do you know what makes me happy aside from fountain pens and ink? Paper. Fountain pen-friendly paper. I don't like seeing my pens and ink feather or bleed on the paper I am using so I make sure most of my pads and notebooks take on water-based fountain pen inks seriously. I prefer notebooks and pads with high-quality paper that will stand up to the wetness of my fountain pens' medium, broad, and stub nibs. I also like writing on either side of my notebooks' pages, so the paper must be really, really resistant to feathering and bleeding.

I came across a paper product on Instagram that claims to be fountain pen friendly and thought I'll give it a try. I learned that the makers of this paper product also sell their own sketchbooks and canvases. Ayush Surana of Ayush Paper from India sent me three of their notebooks produced for fountain pen use and I am impressed at the quality of their 100gsm paper. My fountain pens are happy, too!

I got three Ayush Paper Fountain Pen Books: A4 (blank), A5 (ruled), and pocket (dotted).

Ayush Paper offers the Fountain Pen Books in A4, A5, and pocket sizes. Each Fountain Pen Book size is available in blank, dotted, grid, and ruled pages. I like that Ayush color-coded their Fountain Pen Books according to their sizes. The back cover includes an image of the inside pages to indicate if the notebook is blank, dotted, grid, or ruled.

Each Fountain Pen Book contains 50 sheets of 100gsm natural shade paper that handles fountain pen use very well. 

The back covers of Fountain Pen Books offer a full description of the notebooks and indicate their inside pages.

Unlike some fountain pen-friendly paper brands, the paper used in Ayush Paper's Fountain Pen Books is not too smooth. It feels a little bit like sketch paper, and I like it that way. The paper takes ink well and shows shading, too. I also like that the natural shade paper complements the color of the inks I use in my fountain pens.

The natural shade paper in Fountain Pen Books is not too smooth, but my pens wrote a lot better in it.
I'm glad that Ayush sent me a blank A4 notebook. I am planning to turn these sheets into a couple of stapled pocket notebooks.
He also sent ruled and dotted notebooks. The spacing for the ruled pages is 9mm, and 5mm for dotted and grid pages.
All pages in the Fountain Pen Books are perforated so they can be torn off easily. 

To test the 100gsm paper in this Fountain Pen Books, I used a whole page for some of my inked pens. Ayush Paper is impressive! I used most of my medium to double broad nibs and they all wrote so well.  The paper showed the shading in some of my inks, and I did not see any feathering or bleeding even with my wettest broad and italic nibs.

My medium to double broad nibs wrote so well in Ayush paper and I didn't get any feathering or bleeding. The left photo has my pen and ink tests, and the right photo shows the underside of the test page.
I love writing in this Ayush Paper Fountain Pen Book. It's not too smooth, but my TWSBI fountain pen wrote smoothly in it.

I love Ayush Paper and the Fountain Pen Books! I love the excellent quality fountain pen-friendly paper used in these notebooks. I'm sure they will be perfect for some artwork and ink tests. Do you want to write on good-quality paper and never worry about bleeding and feathering? Get your own FOuntain Pen Books now!

Rants of The Archer thanks Ayush Paper for providing the Fountain Pen Books in this review. Visit their website to learn more about their products. For more updates, follow Ayush Paper on social media:

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