Monday, March 14, 2022

Notebook Review: Endless Explorer Refillable Leather Journal

I love leather and marvel at the beauty and durability of products and accessories made from it. My leather pen cases, pen holders, and notebook covers, handcrafted by artisans are not only collectibles, they are products that will last for many years. 

Last year our friends at Endless Works launched a new product, the Endless Explorer, a refillable leather journal that fits their large Storyboard notebooks and other similar-sized notebooks. The Explorer comes in supple and soft caramel color leather that gathers a beautiful patina with use.  

The Endless Explorer Refillable Journal and Pen Loop in a lovely presentation box meant to serve as an archival storage box.

Our friends at Endless Works created the Explorer to be a companion where we can transfer thoughts and ideas as they come to us. The Explorer is a gorgeous leather journal designed to fit with the Endless Storyboard Large Notebooks. The Explorer package includes the handcrafted leather cover (8.1 x 5.7 inches), a large Storyboard notebook (7.5 x 5.1 inches) with 68gsm Tomoe River Paper with dotted layout, open type leather Pen Loop, and two extra pieces of elastic bands for future use or to fit additional notebooks.

Explorer and open type Pen Loop. The Explorer's leather quickly gathers a natural patina.
The Explorer comes with additional elastic bands for future use or to fit more notebooks. The main elastic band is inside the leather cover, while the extra bands are outside the cover's spine. I am not very comfortable with this setup as the bands may break. I will try to fit them inside the leather cover, too.  
The Endless logo is stamped at the back of the leather cover.
The Explorer fits the Endless Storyboard Large Notebooks. Note that the top and bottom of the leather cover's middle section are slotted to fit the elastic bands and keep them in place.
The large Storyboard fits the Explorer perfectly.
The Explorer comes with a large Storyboard notebook with 64 pages of 68gsm Tomoe River Paper in dotted layout. Extra bands can fit two more notebooks, or one notebook and the Endless Cotton Wallet.
The Storyboard has 68gsm Tomoe River Paper that's perfect for fountain pen writing. Here I wrote Peace by the poet Patrick Kavanagh using a happy orange pen and ink duo—BENU Euphoria Halloween fountain pen filled with Robert Oster Ng Special. Writing on the Storyboard's TRP is such a pleasant experience. 
Endless Explorer, BENU Euphoria Halloween, and my NATIVIDAD leather three-pen case.

The Endless Explorer is an amazing product that is handcrafted by expert artisans from India. It's a perfect companion journal—or a travel journal—with three notebooks and a cotton wallet. It could be an art journal or a sketch album. As the Explorer's size is limited to the Storyboard for refills/inserts, I will make my own notebooks to fit into the leather cover, as I plan to make mine a combination of daily notes, diary, and art journal. Truly, the possibilities are endless! 

Rants of The Archer thanks Endless Works for providing The Explorer in this review. To learn more about their products and how to buy, visit their website at or follow them on Instagram ( and Facebook (

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