Saturday, February 24, 2007


Current Mood: Angry/Hateful/Disappointed/Frustrated
Current Music: You Oughta Know/Alanis Morissette

Just how hard life could be on me? Just when I have started on a new path to recovering from a previous painful experience, just when I was beginning to open up again, the one person I trusted the most started betraying me. Ah, then I am back to my Linear phase again, I guess. And then I should always remember that I should not trust anyone else except myself. Hah. Why did I forget that? Maybe because I was mesmerized by the magic of being in love and all the fireworks that went with that. Maybe because I was thrilled by the thought of being in love, not with the person, but with love itself. Then again, maybe I was really in love. And I WAS. Magically, truly, madly, stupidly in love.

Thanks to you, Lady of the Camellias, for pushing me back to writing more poems to add to my Linear collection. I just want you to know I never thought I could hate someone as I hate you now.


Just when I thought I finally found The One,
Just when I thought I finally could trust someone again,
Just when I thought I finally could love again,
You betrayed me and proved me wrong.

Just when I was singing again,
Just when I was writing poetry again,
Just when I was laughing again,
You betrayed me and deserted me.

Just when I was healing from the wounds of prior loves,
Just when I was alive again,
Just when I was falling in love…
You betrayed me.

How could you do this to me? How could you?
I fought hard for you, trusted you with my own life, loved you…
And all I got is your distrust, your unending doubts, your betrayal…

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  1. Aba aba aba...teka lang...I think I am missing something ah...What happened? dito lang ako. hehehe.