Monday, February 19, 2007

From Limbo with Love

I still need to keep up to my personal promise to blog regularly. But my mind is in limbo right now. And may God forbid me not to commit the unforgivable.

Due to recent events in my life, I am always tempted to just pack my bags, leave town, and never, ever, look back.

Do as Robert Kincaid did.

Go to a place where I can be someone else. Or pretend to be someone else.

Surprised? Please be. Because even I am surprised myself. But don't get me wrong. I may have nurtured this idea to leave for a long time now, but my love for my family, for Lilia, for my work, and for my friends have always made me do otherwise. For I have always believed that my life is defined by what I do for my family, by how hard I work, and by how deeply I care for and love Lilia. For these reasons, I will always stay anchored to where I am, do what I need to do, and forget about packing my bags and leaving town.

Do as Francesca Jonhson did.

Because in life, there are a lot of trade-offs. We let go of so many chances, so many opportunities, so many possibilities to become who and what we have always wanted to be. We allow ourselves to lose the chance to fulfill our inner longings. We let these things pass through our lives, and yet it is through these sacrifices that we are able to dream on, and dream more. It is through giving up that we are able to give more of ourselves. It is through these trade-offs that we discern life.

But I choose to stay behind and face my responsibilities and obligations because for me, doing so is a choice and not an option. And I chose to stay behind and never regret it. Not one bit of it.

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