Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Moleskine, Dear Moleskine...

It felt like Christmas morning yesterday afternoon when the Aboitiz guy knocked on my office door. He's like Santa to me as he has something I had been praying so hard to have: my own Moleskine notebook. And yes, oh yes, I am now a certified Moleskine owner.

I remember a song that my aunts and uncles sang to me when I was a kid. It's an American folk song, but to me it is an unforgettable lullaby. Suprisingly, when my Moleskine arrived yesterday, I was humming the song in my head, unconsciously at first. Now I have my own Moleskine song.

Moleskine, Moleskine,
Oh my darling Moleskine.
You're now here to stay forever,
Never leave, my Moleskine...

The sealed Aboitiz 2GO Quickpack...

... my Moleskine large ruled notebook still wrapped in plastic...

... and finally, my Moleskine is unwrapped! See the stickers and brochure?

1 comment:

  1. Moleskine! Mukhang mahal ah!I will also dream of having one like that someday! weeee!