Friday, October 5, 2007

My 50th + 1

Shotglass No. 50

Shotglass number 50 is the shotglass that almost didn’t make it to my collection. Its seller didn’t reply to my email even after the bidding was finished, and I had to wait for several days to pay for it. Luckily though, they shipped it on time. But shotglass number 50’s odyssey did not end there. The courier service delivered it to the wrong addressee who surprisingly received the package even though it is clearly not his. (The package is under my name, for Pete’s sake.) To end the story, I finally got the shotglass and here it is. It’s the 50th into my growing collection. Warmest welcome.

Shotglass No. 51

If shotglass number 50 is my most anticipated shotglass yet, then number 51 is the one that surprised me the most. It’s a gift from my good friend Popen, an avid shotglass collector who introduced me to this interesting hobby. I got it the same day I got number 50, and it was the first time I got two new shotglasses from different people in a day’s time! Whew!

Number 51 is my first shooter shotglass, also the first from Hardrock Café, and only the second to come all the way from Singapore. A new shottie to welcome. Hmmm… a new shottie to show off.

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