Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Notebooks, More Pens…

In my trips to Manila, I always visit a National Bookstore branch. To me, a trip is incomplete without visiting any NBS shop. Or any bookstore for that matter. It’s the time I browse for books, buy a notebook or two, and splurge on pens. And so last Thursday, after my “collecting” trip to the Summit Media offices at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas, it’s NBS time!

First stop: Notebooks!!! …and papers. I so wanted to buy a Mead notebook. They are so many to choose from, but I refrained from buying due to its uh, high price. Yeah, nanguripot ako bigla. I'd rather skip on the Mead and save up for another Moleskine. But lo and behold. At the end of the tall racks of notebooks are stacks of black NBS Best Buy notebooks. Great! Got myself one for a good 79 pesos. (Grin.) See, it even has an elastic band similar to the ones found on Moleskines.

NBS notebook, Pilot G2s, and Uniball Signo.

Next stop: pens, pens, pens galore! Hmmm… I could see gleaming Pilot G2s, Uniball Signos, MonAmis, and Rotrings in their glass shelves. This time, I am willing to spend. Hahaha! And so after a rush pen-shopping that left an irritated store clerk, I now have my own 0.7 Pilot G2 trio of black, blue and red; and a 0.5 Uniball Signo. I was drooling on other gel pens, but for practical reasons, I’m happy with my G2s and the Signo.

0.5 Uniball Signo and the 0.7 G2 trio.

My NBS foray was a bit rushed and I felt wanting more. I had to rush out to do other “city errands” to save on time and bus fare. Also, I can’t always be in Manila during weekdays, or my office backlog will pile up. So it was sort of bitin. The good, old Daddy up there might have heard by big *sigh* for another notebook because yesterday, while I’m on my way back to the office at lunch, I saw notebooks at a store near UP Gate selling at bargain prices. I picked a Merit college notebook still wrapped in plastic. Got it for 99 pesos. (It’s originally priced at 199.) Woohoohoo!!! The thick board cover has very minor creases, but the inside pages are still in immaculate, pristine condition. Hah.


  1. I love that best buy notebook! Looks like a very sucessful shopping trip!

  2. thanks, amanda! i can get you one, if you want...