Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blogging and Earning

I got a lot of link exchange requests recently. Some of them are from friends, and some are from bloggers who are strangers to me. But for a personal blogger like I am, this is good news. It doesn't only mean that I'm gaining new friends -- my blog's visitors are also increasing. And it's also interesting to visit and read their blogs. Most of them are newbies and hopeful to be get paid to blog.

Well, newbies out there, it’s never easy to get paid for blogging. First, your blog must be interesting enough to generate a high level of traffic. And last, you must be able to sustain it. This is where my problem came in, actually. I cannot sustain a regular blog writing schedule due to a lot of reasons. Even though I’ve found several advertisers, a good service provider with regular writing assignments and pays me on time is a real blessing. I get to write about the topics that I want, and I get paid for that. Surely blog advertising is a lot of help for bloggers like I am.

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