Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i loved you before i first laid eyes on you
before i glimpsed upon your eyes
before i heard the sound of your voice
before i listened to your laughter...

i love you when you look at me
with eyes so tender, so poignant in its greatness
almost entreating, almost imploring...

i love you when you speak my name
with a voice so gentle, so mild in its softness
almost soothing, almost whispering...

i love you when you laugh
with a lilt so cheerful, so joyful in its delight
almost charming, almost teasing...

i love you when you lay beside me
with a passion so intense, so intense in its outburst
almost burning, almost searing...

i love you with a love that goes beyond
what my eyes see
what my mind understands
what my heart feels
it is limitless, boundless, never-ending...

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