Monday, June 16, 2008

My Book Wishlist for the Half of 2008

I know my reading habit has been very poor this year. I've read a few novels and re-read some, but that's it.

I was initially drawn to read Love in the Time of Cholera, but the book's small font and number of pages intimidated me so I settled for the movie version of Gabo's novel. But then, the movie's constipated poignancy made me feel lacking afterwards and so I turned to the book and now I'm reading it again.

That made me feel like going back to reading again. So I make myself a promise to devote several nights a week to reading instead of scrubbing the walls and floor and ceiling of my apartment. Below are the books I already have on my shelves, which I promise to finish by end of August. Read three books in a month? Fair enough.

And then I will get all these books below and read all of them before my birthdate. (Wish ko lang!)

Wishful thinking, eh? Nah. Reading as is writing is almost like breathing for me. To stop me from doing both is like taking the air out of my lungs...

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