Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here's One for You, H...

Ah, H...

I have never known anyone as enchanting, charming, and magical as you are, H. I am truly in awe.

I am indeed enthralled by your magical splendor that I didn't mind standing in the cold of midnight, under the silvery light of the moon and the stars while I sing Andrea Bocelli's 'Someone Like You' to you... over the phone...

And these words from the song I will always sing for you:

In your eyes I see
A life that could mean so much more
With you next to me
And if time is cruel
Well I won’t run and hide
I could walk through fire with you by my side
Cause after all, if we want forever
There’s a hand to hold
Through the sad and cold
When nobody wants to know you
So never let it go

And you’ll never be alone
Knowing that I love you so…

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